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Homeownership Income requirements in the U.S

Homeownership Income Requirements in the U.S.

Location, Location, Location

In real estate, it’s all about location, but homeownership income requirements vary vastly across the U.S. According to, aspiring homeowners in 14 of the 50 largest metropolitan cities need to earn over $150,000 annually to afford a home.

High Cost of Living Factors

The high cost of living in these cities is influenced by demand, economic opportunities, and regional amenities. As the housing market evolves, potential buyers must understand these thresholds.

Insights on Homeownership

Whether you are considering a move or are curious about the real estate landscape, it’s important to see what the homeownership income requirements are for different cities. These insights also highlight economic disparities across regions and emphasize the importance of financial planning and strategic decision-making in the quest for homeownership.


Top Cities with the Highest Income Requirements for Homeownership

So, where do you need to earn big bucks to become homeowners? Not surprisingly, five out of the top 10 are in California! Read more below.

#10  Washington DC
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Median income: $159,000
#9 Sacramento, CA
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Median Income: 162,000
#8 Denver, CO
Median Income: $161,000
#7 Seattle, WA
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Median Income: $193,000
#6 New York City, NY
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Median Income: $218,000
#5 Boston, MA
Median Income: $226,000
#4 San Francisco, CA
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Median Income: $256,000
#3 San Diego, CA
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Median Income: $259,000
#2 Los Angeles, CA
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Median Income: $298,000
#1 San Jose, CA
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Median Income: $361,000
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